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Designer by LIZ – Fast Kitty Krafts Started on this throw July 6, 2021 and I just finish it today July 20,2021. There was no written pattern for this throw so I had to look at the video. The yarn I used was Red Heart Love. The color was Celtic (Blue) This is a beautifulContinue reading “SUNRISE THROW”

Summer Haze Shawl

Design by Ophelia Talk Just finish another project. The Summer Haze Shawl. The yarn that was used was Stylecraft Special DK. Color- Lime . I used 4 skeins – Hook H/5mm. The pattern call for 136 rows. I only did 120 so it wouldn’t be too long. I’m a shortie. This shawl is staying withContinue reading “Summer Haze Shawl”

Somersault Throw

Design by Kathleen Berlew Just finish another WIP ( work in progress). I had been working on this when I had time from the Mystery CAL. This pattern was made by working from corner to corner and I had to corchet 4 triangular panels. After I made the panels then they had to be crochetedContinue reading “Somersault Throw”

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